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Grey Iron Casting Company Develops and Grows Their Online Presence


Lemfco, Inc., is a grey iron casting company in Galena, Illinois, with nine employees.

The Challenge

Lemfco, Inc. was striving to grow their online presence, specifically in the marketing realm. Social media has grown to be a major contributor for sales growth and brand awareness, and Lemfco was looking to occupy some of that space. Lemfco has history working with IMEC, part of the MEP National Network™, and turned to the IMEC team for help with this project.

We are very impressed with the results of this project and the positive impact it has had on our company. We are appreciative to IMEC for helping to make this implementation easy so we can continue to focus on manufacturing castings.
— Desiree Einsweiler, President

MEP's Role

Without prior experience in social media marketing, it can seem overwhelming for small manufacturers to try and create a social media strategy from scratch. This is where the boost from IMEC specialists and expert partners putting together a customized plan helped Lemfco achieve their social media goals, both today and in the future. Both the SEO and social media projects were built to make sure the design and content were customized and fit within the brand standards created by Lemfco. For new demographics who have been previously unaware of Lemfco, connecting what they find in a Google search to the organization’s social media platforms builds a sense of professionalism.

Over the course of the projects, IMEC and Lemfco worked diligently to make sure that continuing the foundation they built from SEO led to a seamless social media marketing strategy that could be built upon. From simple tasks such as updating profiles to more complex tasks like scheduling posts and interpreting analytics, both parties wanted to ensure that all areas had been planned. Other tasks included establishing branded hashtag groups, adding socials to their website’s footer, and improving the visibility of their profiles. The staff at Lemfco was pleased immediately with the results, saying that their socials have made it to their community and the company is reaping from the benefits.

Created January 26, 2023, Updated March 28, 2024