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Euphoric Herbals Expands Business and Looks to Future


Since 2010, Euphoric Herbals has served over 60,000 people to support their health through proprietary herbal products. Founder, certified herbalist, and certified lactation counselor Cindy Collins developed her first lactation blend after giving birth to her third son, then expanded the line with new blends, herbal teas and salves for the childbearing year.

Though originally a means of healing for her community and doula clients, Cindy opened her online shop in 2010, originally on Etsy. In 2018 she opened Euphoric Herbals Apothecary. The company runs two stores in Delaware and Maryland, as well as maintains a thriving online business. There are currently eight employees working in the business.


The Challenge

As Euphoric Herbals has evolved to include retail locations, the company needed assistance with in-house manufacturing operations. CEO & Founder Cindy Collins searched for and purchased a larger facility to ensure enough capability to support growth. Based on experience with DEMEP, part of the MEP National Network™,  through the Exportech program, Collins was familiar with the group, and turned to them for help setting up the new facility.

After working with DEMEP, I am more cognizant of workflow systems and processes. If there are bottlenecks or inefficiencies, I can problem solve and fix those. I am forecasting inventory ahead. I am able to teach my employees the concepts, and have their work process improve.

— Cindy Collins, Founder and CEO

MEP's Role

DEMEP was able to look at the company’s manufacturing operation and create flow, making the work more efficient by using the principles of lean manufacturing. They also implemented 5S standardized work and visual controls. A value-stream mapping exercise was completed to facilitate the most efficient set-up of equipment. Euphoric Herbals was able to redesign the flow of materials, to make the manufacturing process run quickly and smoothly.
Created April 29, 2023