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ERP Software Selection Positions Precision Machining Company for the Next Phase of Strategic Growth.


GAM Enterprise is a Precision Machining Company located in Mount Prospect, Illinois, with 32 employees.

The Challenge

GAM Enterprises, Inc. faced a common challenge associated with rapidly growing organizations – improve key information systems that supported a higher level of production, or flounder and risk losing potential new opportunities. After recognizing deficiencies in their existing ERP software – one primarily designed for a lighter level of manufacturing – the GAM team knew the selection of a new software package would help drive needed on-time delivery improvements and move them more quickly into the next phase of growth. For expertise in information system selection, they looked to IMEC, part of the MEP National Network™, a strategic partner and resource from previous continuous improvement initiatives.
The process of working with IMEC was eye-opening and much less risky; having them as a partner gave us peace of mind and the complete confidence that we had chosen the right software for us. At the same time, the project saved us a lot of wasted time conducting our own evaluation or wasted dollars working with other consultants.
— Craig Von den Avont, President

MEP's Role

Quickly, the IMEC team worked with GAM to correlate specific expectations of the new information system with their 3-5 year vision for the organization. It was critical that the software enhance their manufacturing efficiency and support operational aspects including material planning, production planning, and shop floor controls. Automation, process efficiency and future state functionality were primary expectations for the systems they set out to evaluate. After committing to a short 5-month timeline, the GAM team set forth on the evaluation and selection process with IMEC.

By first identifying all spreadsheets and tools currently in use, documenting all inputs and outputs for every step of order processing, production, and delivery, IMEC sought to bring clarity to the current state. It was imperative that the future state needs of the system cover all necessary bases. “The documentation of our processes gave us a level of accountability to the ERP company and to our team,” said Craig Van den Avont, President of GAM Enterprises.

With key targets in their sights, the IMEC and GAM team focused on improving lagging indicators like on-time delivery, as well as a reduction in errors and time required for order processing, and proceeded with the facilitated ERP provider interviews. Craig added “at that point we received the critical assurance we needed from the software company that they could meet our needs and we really valued that level of communication and clarity up front.” Following the thorough evaluation and selection processes, GAM felt confident they had chosen the “right” software for their organization and were prepared to tackle the implementation. “On our own, we would have been questioning everything – did we pick the right one?” continued Craig. “But we just don’t feel that now because IMEC made us feel confident."

Created August 4, 2022