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CUSTOM CONCEPT MFG: New Website Design Increases Growth & Expands Digital Image


Custom Concept Manufacturing LLC has provided high-quality machining and fabrication services backed up with more than 20 years experience. Their capabilities enable them to work to specific or custom standards for customers in industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense. Recognized by the Small Business Association, Custom Concept Manufacturing is a woman-owned company located in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

The Challenge

Like most manufacturers at the time, Custom Concept Manufacturing experienced a decrease in business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following Michigan’s “shut down” in March 2020, they recognized that they were struggling to grow as a business and wanted to expand and strengthen their digital presence. At the time, Custom Concepts Manufacturing was using Facebook as their company website, while trying to build their own from scratch. This limited who could find and contact them.
The team at The-Center was easy to work with… and fast. We not only launched the site earlier than planned, we also received a great value for our investment. From project launch, through design and content decisions, all the way to the wrap up training session, we felt the team always had our best interest in mind. 
— Ashley Clausen, President

MEP's Role

After unsuccessfully attempting to produce their own website due to time constraints and lack of experience, Custom Concept Manufacturing reached out to the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center), part of the Michigan MEP and the MEP National Network™, for guidance. Upon meeting and discussing their goals, it was determined establishing an official website was a priority. This website would be the first step in getting Custom Concept Manufacturing more visibility. With this plan in place, The Center’s digital team went to work.

To start the process, The Center first went on a fact-finding mission to learn more about Custom Concept Manufacturing and the services they provide. A web design was agreed upon that both reflected their branding and highlighted their capabilities. Since this was a new website, extra attention was given to creating optimized content, which would result in better Google search results. Call-to-action prompts were also included.
Created October 28, 2022