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Ambix Takes Advantage of Marketing Strategies Collaborative Program to Expand Its Customer Base


After a decade of consulting in plastics engineering Jeff Nicoll sold Mantis Associates in 2001 to start Ambix Consulting, LLC, a premier consulting firm that specialized in creative engineering services. In 2008 Jeff created Ambix Manufacturing, Inc., and expanded to offer prototyping and contract manufacturing. Around the same time Jeff’s wife, Melissa Florio, joined the Ambix team to oversee the company's administrative management, bringing decades of experience in Fortune 500 semiconductor companies to make Ambix competitive domestically and globally.

Ambix is located in a 10,000-square-foot facility in Albany, New Hampshire, with 11 employees. Their product lines span the markets of defense, sporting goods, pet products, electrical distribution, power tools, telecommunications, other consumer products and support in commercial and industrial sectors.

The Challenge

Ambix faced challenges like other companies. “New Hampshire has a very tight-labor market, rising electrical costs, and an extremely volatile raw material market,” said Melissa Florio, president of Ambix. “But all of those things paled in comparison to the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges that came with it.” That was when Melissa and Jeff realized that Ambix needed to expand its customer base and diversify into new markets. Around this time Melissa heard about a marketing information session workshop put on by NH MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, and presented by their 3rd-party partner TribalVision - a cutting-edge digital marketing firm.

NHMEP was exactly what Ambix needed. They worked to secure grant funding to allow Ambix to benefit from Tribal Visions’ marketing expertise. They assisted in ensuring full grant compliance and managed the provided services. Further, NHMEP hired one of the best marketing firms in New England, which allowed Ambix to gain expert support that is usually only afforded to companies with large bottom lines. This training has allowed us to better communicate our value to our existing customers, and positioned us to expand into other markets.

— Melissa Florio, President

MEP's Role

Melissa attended the information session workshop and was excited about what she learned. This led her to sign up for NH MEP’s full series of marketing training workshops, the Marketing Strategies Collaborative Program given by TribalVision.

The Marketing Strategies Collaborative Program is a four-part series of online workshops for small and medium-sized manufacturers looking to accelerate their sales growth and competitiveness. It is designed to develop new markets, a marketing strategy and branding materials, and to enhance the lead generation process. Four to six companies participate together to learn and share ideas.

The training sessions consist of one day of classroom training with all of the participating companies. Then, one week later, another day of classroom training is followed by a day of individual company training. After all of the individual company training has been completed there is a half-day debrief session with all of participating companies.
Created August 4, 2022