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ABC Canvas Saves Money with Moving Assistance from New Mexico MEP


When Cody Waldroup purchased 35-year-old ABC Canvas from the company’s founders in 2016, he had no experience in manufacturing or textiles and had 30-days to learn from the sellers about the company’s products, fabrics, vendors, employees, and operations. It was no easy feat, given that the Farmington, New Mexico company makes custom canvas products used in four distinct industries, including commercial, residential, recreational, and industrial. ABC Canvas protects valuables, whether that’s equipment, property, or people.

The Challenge

Waldroup, who has owned other businesses, knew he needed help filling in the gaps of his manufacturing knowledge, and he invited New Mexico MEP Innovation Director Denise Williams to work with the company. Over the course of five years, Williams led onsite workshops and helped the company streamline its processes, maximizing use of its 4,000 square foot building. In 2022, Waldroup purchased a new building that quadrupled the company’s space. He turned to Williams and New Mexico MEP. part of the MEP National Network™. to help the company prepare for the move. The challenge was to minimize down time and lost production during the move and organize the layout to improve efficiency and processes.

MEP for manufacturers is pretty valuable. Denise is really great because she’s very engaged in your business. She finds unique ways to get employees to really think about the process.

— Cody Waldroup, Owner

MEP's Role

Williams worked with Waldroup and his staff of six to map and arrange the factory floor, separate fabrication processes from materials, and create an organizational plan that would guide the move and minimize the time the company would be closed.

Created February 4, 2023