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Zero Surge Doubles Down on Digital Marketing to Expand Business


Zero Surge, located in Frenchtown, New Jersey began in 1989 when J. Rudy Harford was presented with the challenge of reinventing the surge suppressor. Harford developed and patented a series-mode surge suppression circuit that protects against the worst surges and he only continued to improve his design. Zero Surge’s entire product line incorporates his revolutionary surge suppression technologies that are more reliable and more durable than other technologies on the market today. 

Now led by Jim Minadeo, Zero Surge continues to develop additional models for emerging applications and improve the customer experience. The company is dedicated to using only US-sourced components from US vendors. Currently they have 7 employees.

The Challenge

Surge suppressors are used in a wide variety of industries ranging from restaurants and IT support to military and manufacturing and are critical in large-scale infrastructure projects. The combination of a large customer base and a product-focused business meant that Zero Surge was having trouble leveraging marketing to generate sales and growth opportunities. The individual responsible for marketing wears multiple hats and strictly focusing on digital and traditional corporate communications is not an option. Their website was aging and they weren’t taking advantage of social media to strengthen their brand recognition and generate leads. 

If you’re a manufacturer looking to improve your social medial presence but haven’t decided which service company to use, I recommend contacting NJMEP. They vet the service provider and supervise the project to make sure goals have been met.

— Jim Minadeo, President

MEP's Role

Zero Surge's history of engagement and trust made it easy to reach out to NJMEP, part of the MEP National Network™. An initial consultation was conducted between Zero Surge leadership and their NJMEP account manager. The account manager was introduced to the manufacturing process, toured the facility, and sat down for a lengthy discussion. It was confirmed that exploring digital marketing could be an ideal way to offset COVID-19 disruptions in the short term while also helping their business grow and expand in the long term. 

The next step was to bring in digital marketing resources alongside the NJMEP account manager to meet with leadership. NJMEP presented an extensive digital plan to refine the company's message. NJMEP is training Zero Surge on social media best practices, including best posting practices and the value of original content to their digital marketing efforts. A new home page is being developed to increase lead capture and an updated theme is making the site more functional and appealing. Six new promotional videos will serve as content for social media and featured website content. NJMEP is also assisting Zero Surge in updating and improving its brand content for Amazon while educating Zero Surge on the best eCommerce product description practices. 

Created October 23, 2021