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TDMI Gives Orion Entrance Control the Market Research to Grow


Stephen Caroselli, CEO and Founder of Orion Entrance Control, Inc., began his business of one out of a garage in 2009. By 2021 Orion had grown to 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space and employs 38. Located in Laconia, New Hampshire Orion Entrance Control is a global provider of optical turnstile solutions for facilities that require security and oversight of the traffic coming in and out of their spaces. They design and manufacture technologically advanced access control products including security SpeedLane turnstiles and automated door access for all types of companies. Orion Entrance Control turnstiles can be found in high-rise buildings, government centers, education campuses, banks, hospitals, and corporate headquarters, anywhere entrance security is needed.

The Challenge

Orion partnered with another company to develop a product using presence sensing radar technology that will work in many real world applications. One of those applications was discrete weapons detection. “But we needed a framework on how to go about researching this opportunity and turn it into a viable product,” said Stephen Caroselli, CEO and Founder.

It was a real pleasure working with NH MEP and RTI on this project. We learned a lot about the competitive landscape and related technologies both on the market and those being developed in the university sector. The information gleaned through this process and the data provided by the end of the project will continue to help with our technology roadmap as we continue to scale our technology stack here at Orion.

— Stephen Caroselli, CEO and Founder

MEP's Role

Steve was approached by NH MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, about a new program called TDMI (Technology Driven Market Intelligence). TDMI identifies the benefits and the market impacts related to a company’s technology-based products, and provides customized actionable intelligence. Unlike traditional market research, TDMI considers the technical and market viability of the product and characterizes the associated opportunities and barriers. NH MEP partnered with RTI International to have Orion go through the TDMI program.

For Orion Entrance Control the TDMI program enabled them to learn about the plans and knowledge of the intended markets and applications for discrete weapons detection related to entrance control related markets. The company discovered and assessed applications and markets for specific capabilities for both the defense and commercial sectors. They then compared potential applications using a company developed criteria and then paired down the selections to 1 or 2 applications within the chosen market for further exploration. For the applications selected the team conducted additional primary and secondary research to vet those applications, with a focus on identifying and prioritizing potential customers and partners.

Created October 8, 2021