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Rose Brand Wipers Inc. is Rewarded for Innovating – Working with NJMEP to Secure R&D Tax Credits


Located in Secaucus, New Jersey, Rose Brand Wipers Inc. is a leader in theatrical draperies and production supplies in the entertainment, educational, and exhibition space. This "MADE in New Jersey" manufacturing businesses fabricates custom stage curtains and assemblies for venues ranging from Broadway productions to school auditoriums and have been doing so since 1921. Clients come to Rose Brand Wipers because of their ability to fabricate custom complex tracks, incorporating the latest fabrics, and electronically controlled motorized systems. Rose Brand Wipers specializes in transforming a space to create an immersive environment for anyone in attendance, no matter the audience. 

The Challenge

Without constant focus on innovation Rose Brand Wipers would quickly fall behind the competition. All this innovation requires substantial investment. The combination between the business expanding and constantly striving to improve puts a tremendous amount of financial pressure on the company. Rose Brand Wipers turned to NJMEP, part of the MEP National Network™, as a partner to support their growth and competitiveness in New Jersey and abroad. 

If we didn’t have the R&D tax credits, I’m not sure we would have had the ability to make some of the acquisitions that help Rose Brand Wipers maintain its standing as an industry leader.

— Bob Bertrand, General Manager

MEP's Role

Rose Brand Wipers heard about another manufacturing business partnering with NJMEP to explore incentive programs. After reaching out to NJMEP, a complimentary business assessment was conducted to gain an understanding of the company and its manufacturing processes. At first, leadership dismissed R&D tax credits, stating no R&D was conducted at the facility. NJMEP’s account manager insisted they meet with the subject matter expert to explore what qualifies as R&D. Many manufacturers immediately envision lab coats and clean rooms when R&D is being discussed. However, nearly every manufacturer requires some form of innovation or has developed or is constantly developing new processes that allow them to perform their job better, safer, or produce their products more efficiently. 

“Learning about R&D tax credits came around at just the right time because we were going to move into areas with much more trial and error,” Bob Bertrand, Rose Brand Wipers General Manager stated. NJMEP worked with Rose Brand Wipers to conduct a close-up inspection of their facility and operations. After a preliminary review and the eligible R&D costs were reviewed, NJMEP combined this information with additional organizational data to provide Rose Brand Wipers an approximate federal R&D tax credit. NJMEP then helped the client through the process, supporting the manufacturers' needs every step of the way to secure the largest possible R&D tax credit. The tax credits they received continue to help their organization expand and grow in New Jersey.

Created August 4, 2022