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Quality and Operating System Enhancements for Metal Fabrication Manufacturer


Abby Manufacturing Company, Inc., produces fabricated steel and aluminum products using cutting edge technologies to produce components for the agriculture, construction and transportation industries around the globe. They employ more than 250 people in their facilities located in Walnut, New Albany, and Ashland, Mississippi.

The Challenge

Abby Manufacturing desired to improve their quality and operating systems so they could register to the ISO standard. The company struggled with maintaining hard copies of quality documents and found it difficult to keep gauges calibrated and machines running with their manual systems.
Quality system development is an area not typically offered by state workforce training funds, so we were really happy that MMA-MEP Center at NEMCC could provide the support with MEP funding. The knowledge and flexibility of the instructing staff and supporting college were outstanding. It is a very worthwhile partnership that we look forward to continuing!
— Donn Owen, General Manager

MEP's Role

MMA-MEP Center at Northeast Mississippi Community College (NEMCC) Workforce, part of the MEP National Network™, offered an operational excellence assessment of their current systems and noted several opportunities that would help to get them on track. Nine specific training modules were identified: process mapping, non-conformance reporting, 8D problem-solving, supplier quality, print reading, 5S, gauge calibration (and control), advanced product quality planning/production part approval process, and process controls. Training was provided for each of the topics with weeks of hands-on support from the team at NEMCC.
Created August 4, 2022