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Outdoor Venture Corporation Performance Management and Leadership Kaizen


Outdoor Venture Corporation of Stearns, Kentucky, is a manufacturer of shelter systems (soft wall and hard wall) including the MIL Spec Tents and other tent related floors, liners, and base camp solutions. In addition to the soft wall tent systems, OVC offers a wide range of hard wall shelters utilizing the revolutionary iPanel®.

The Challenge

Senior leadership was finding it difficult to know how each facility was doing regarding metrics around productivity, safety, quality and attendance daily. Despite attempts to utilize key performance indicator (KPI) boards in the past, the organization had stopped using them. Previous KPI's were not measuring the right targets and were not enabling supervisors to manage progress towards those targets. As a result, supervisors were resistant to using KPI boards again and believed it was meaningless additional work.
The boards provide a rally point to keep people focused and knowing what they need to work on each day.
— Roger Branscum, Manufacturing Manager

MEP's Role

AKA, part of the MEP National Network™, worked with the OVC leadership team to train, coach, and mentor the development and implementation of effective KPI boards across the OVC facility. The boards need to be easily and effectively updated and meaningful to the entire organization. Two new products have been designed, developed, tested, branded and launched within the ~120 days of collaboration. One product is being sold directly to consumers via Amazon while the other is available to businesses via direct sales.
Created January 29, 2022