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North American Rescue Sees Lower Turnover and Higher Employee Engagement following SCMEP’s Leadership Team Training Workshop


North American Rescue (NAR), based in Greer, South Carolina, has proudly enjoyed the honor of serving their country, community, and customers for over two decades. NAR is leading the way in decreasing preventable deaths by providing innovative casualty care solutions to our uniformed soldiers, first responders, health care professionals, and security forces both at home and abroad in foreign combat zones. The company has a worldwide reach into all federal government medical facilities, branches, and first responders.

The Challenge

In order to live up to its potential and maximize its resources, the company was looking for personal development training for the top 25 leaders in the organization as well as creating a high-performance work team (HPWT) for the entire organization. NAR had recently grown significantly and the ability to lead and manage had become more difficult because of a recent acquisition and growth.

The training we received helped us grow our current leadership team and build a bench for new leader growth in the company. Employees used these classes as a way of self and professional development which led to lower turnover and higher employee engagement and satisfaction. We are very pleased with the services and glad to partner with SCMEP.

— Anna Harris, Director of Human Resources

MEP's Role

SCMEP, part of the MEP National Network™, was able to provide NAR with leadership team training. A process was created that helped leaders to lead the organization and create a HPWT culture so that synergy would be created, and business would significantly improve. Goals set included: improve the work life balance of the leaders, value each other more/develop and delegate, learn more about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, increase camaraderie to reach a common goal, build a more cohesive team with accountability, create and utilize a performance/leadership score card, improve communication and decision making, improve customer service internally and externally, and remove the silo mentality. A two-day intensive offsite team building and strategic planning workshop was conducted which stimulated the participants to embrace change while gaining tools that made them better leaders and managers. The HPWT mindset started with everyone on the same page and committing to the vision and goals of the company. This ultimately led to lower turnover and higher employee engagement and satisfaction.

Created August 4, 2022