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Maximizing Potential at Maximum Promotions


What started as a door-to-door custom shirt venture in 1982 has blossomed into a company known for their custom, hand-made, quality applique banners nationwide. Maximum Promotions is a family-owned company based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, that specializes in banners, flags, flag poles, and promotional items. With 11 employees this 39-year old company with a reputation for quality exists to help “make you look good.”

The Challenge

Founder and owner Mark Nelsen was introduced to South Dakota Manufacturing and Technology Solutions (MTS), part of the MEP National Network™, in March of 2020, a time where he was “about ready to throw in the towel” on his business of 39 years. He didn’t know precisely what he needed but was aware he could use an outside perspective to establish a few processes for the business.
We were in need of help and I was frustrated. We could have quit but MTS gave us the hope, structure, and confidence to tip the nose of the figurative plane back up for our business. Frankly, MTS saved our company. That means a lot to me, my family, and everyone that works here.
— Mark Nelsen, Owner/Founder

MEP's Role

After a couple of meetings and a business assessment, the MTS crew determined it was time to do a value stream map with the Maximum Promotions leadership team. Their current process was mapped out to help identify bottlenecks and areas of opportunity. After those areas were identified, the MTS team then partnered with Maximum Promotions to make a future state map. 


Opportunities for improvement were identified and acted upon through the mapping process. Items like personal improvement plans, a morning market board and a CRM system were put into place. A sales process was established and formalized and a new general manager was brought on and began leadership training. What seemed like small improvements compounded and the company began turning a new leaf. Pair all of that with banner sales starting to return after a pause due to the pandemic and it’s what Nelsen deems “a new foundation” for the business. The relationship between Maximum Promotions and MTS is ongoing with plans for digital marketing plans and capacity planning on the production floor taking place in the remainder of 2021.
Created July 31, 2021