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Lincoln Stamping Continuous Improvement


Lincoln Manufacturing USA, LLC, (LML) is a precision metal stamping, welding, NC lathing facility located in Stanford, Kentucky. Lincoln Manufacturing has the ability to make a wide range of parts from simple stampings to close tolerance critical parts. LML has the equipment and technology to provide additional services to our customers. The company also has the capability to weld, machine, and deburr parts for the automotive industry.

The Challenge

LML wanted to improve efficiencies in their processes by training their staff in continuous improvement methods. For help they turned to the experts at AKA, part of the MEP National Network™. AKA recommended job methods, a training within industry (TWI) program that focuses on improving work processes and procedures.

The training was very informative and gave us real world savings.  Well worth the time.
— Jordon Dick, Senior Human Resources Manager

MEP's Role

The AKA TWI facilitator shared what he learned from a Toyota sensei. TWI job methods was taught using PowerPoint, Workbook, case studies and an automated simulation. The participants were then challenged to find a process in the manufacturing area that was suspect of containing processing waste. They used the job methods breakdown sheet to record the current situation, ask the 6 questions, get feedback and propose an improved future state.


Utilizing the newly-learned job methods way of Kaizen to eliminate or reduce waste, the team focused on a "bump stock" part at a semiautomatic spot-weld machine. The process produces 1.5 million parts annually so any amount of improvement gets amplified exponentially.

Created January 29, 2022