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The Journey to Sustainability


As one of the leading global manufacturers of pharmaceutical and medical blister films and foils, Liveo offers a full range of thermoforming films and cold form foil. Liveo has the ideal film/foil for any application and strives to exceed expectations for both quality and product protection. Innovation in blister film is the foundation of Liveo’s success across the global pharmaceutical industry. The company’s North American manufacturing facility is located in New Castle, Delaware, and has 83 employees.

The Challenge

Liveo has many responsibilities – including sustainable production that protects people and the environment. They take this responsibility very seriously and pursue ambitious goals: to minimize the consumption of resources, minimize the amount of waste, reduce emissions and, wherever possible, replace environmentally hazardous substances. However, identifying the best opportunities to make a positive impact can be challenging.

The Delaware MEP was able to help us engage with high quality resources resulting in reliable data and opportunities to continue our sustainability journey.

— Kathy Marron, HR Director

MEP's Role

The Delaware MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, was able to assist Liveo with performing an energy audit for their Delaware manufacturing facility. The audit was delivered through a partnership with the University of Delaware’s Industrial Assessment Center and was aimed at identifying opportunities to reduce the consumption of resources such as electricity, water and natural gas.

As a result of the audit, which identified solutions at a cost of $36,000, we anticipate an annual savings of $108,000.

Created April 30, 2021, Updated July 12, 2021