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Global Food Safety Initiative Management Training Fuels New Product Development

With the help of: FloridaMakes


Mango Bottling Company, Inc., located in Cocoa, Florida, is a privately-owned standalone bottling company with over thirty years of experience. Mango’s 23 full-time employees do contract bottling of alcohol and wine spirits for other companies as well as bottling their own Tooters brand of spirits billed as "the original test tube shooter."

The Challenge

Mango Bottling Company, Inc., was doing business with a major distiller that began requiring suppliers to complete the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) management training curriculum and maintain a food safety plan.
We didn’t realize how positive the impact of the Global Food Safety Initiative training would be when we started our journey to comply with our customer’s requirements. Our employees improved efficiencies during the COVID-19 pandemic which enabled us to launch our new Tooters Wine Line in 50ml Bottles. 
— Drayton Sproull, Chief Financial Officer

MEP's Role

Mango Bottling turned to FloridaMakes for assistance in developing a pathway to become compliant with the major distiller’s requirements. Dan Sutter, FloridaMakes Business Advisor, brought in a specialist in this field to train Mango Bottling employees in the Global Food Safety Initiative management training which also included a food safety plan. Mango’s employees learned many quality and efficiency techniques from the training that improved efficiencies in the operations of the business that proved crucial to the survival of the company during the COVID-19 pandemic. The increased efficiencies created enough savings to help launch a new Tooters line of wine-based products in 50ml bottles. 
Created July 12, 2021, Updated February 8, 2023