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eCommerce Program - Jade Foods

With the help of: INNOVATE Hawaii


Jade Food was founded 1961 by Hollis Ho with his vision of bringing the beloved crackseed snack to Hawaii. Crackseed is Chinese style preserved fruit that comes in many different forms and is made with a variety of different fruit, such as, plums, peaches, lemons, and mangos. The term "crackseed" is an umbrella term for all types of preserved Chinese-style fruit. The crackseed snack was not previously made in Hawaii but Hollis established Jade Food with a couple of chefs from Hong Kong skilled in the crackseed process. Together they built the foundation of Jade Food and recipes that have stood the test of time.

Today Jade Food processes fifty different versions of their iconic crackseed. Through the years Jade Food has stood by their quality standards and manufacture their crackseed by hand with the utmost
attention to detail. It is the quality and variety that keeps generations of families coming back time and again.

The Challenge

Deanne Ho, Jade Food president, knew for some time that the company website needed an update to become more visually appealing to increase online sales. When COVID-19 halted regular business operations and the company could no longer operate their will-call window point of sale, she knew it was time to update the company website to accommodate their customers. Deanne had a vision for the updated website but needed professional guidance on making it a reality. For help Jade Food turned to Innovate Hawaii, part of the MEP National Network™.
I would highly recommend Innovate Hawaii and their e-commerce cohort to other businesses looking for guidance. The professionals they have introduced us to not only offered a range of valuable business viewpoints but actionable items that we can immediately implement in our own business. The services they provide for our local manufacturing community is vital for our industry’s growth.
— Deanne Ho, President & CEO

MEP's Role

In June 2020, Deanne heard about the Innovate Hawaii e-commerce cohort from a fellow business owner and knew immediately that she wanted to sign up for the education focused cohort. During the e-commerce cohort, Deanne was able to speak with marketing experts, website design professionals and receive one-on-one assistance for Jade Food’s website updates. The networking opportunities with other businesses in the Hawaii manufacturing industry has also been an added benefit.
Created January 26, 2022