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East Moline Machine Shop Improves Business Processes, Boosts Productivity and Attracts New Customers with ISO 9001:2015


Quad City Engineering Co. (QCE) is a machine shop, located in East Moline, Illinois, with 25 employees.

The Challenge

QCE relied on experiential, undocumented knowledge to run daily operations. Eventually this resulted in additional time spent accomplishing daily tasks, missed business opportunities, and low productivity and customer satisfaction. President/CEO Jeff Hagmeier and his team knew it was time to address the need for standardized systems. They wanted to establish a quality management system (QMS) that could prepare the organization for ISO 9001:2015 certification. So for help they reached out to their trusted partners at IMEC, part of the MEP National Network™.
“IMEC has been instrumental in helping QCE to achieve a higher level of operating success not only in this quality management system project, but also advising on other projects that connect our company to the right resources. Our team thanks Jeff Allspaugh and IMEC for their valued assistance!”
— Jeff Hagmeier, President / CEO

MEP's Role

IMEC experts began the process with a high-level gap analysis to reveal business areas needing improvement for a successful registration audit. To fill those gaps, they created a quality manual with supporting documents for policies, processes, and procedures, including a process map for high level processes, a SWOT analysis update, a risk assessment, an internal auditor program and auditor training.

The process continued with an IMEC-recommended registrar, and continued support to resolve any non-conformances. QCE is now ISO certified and has established internal processes which have led to noticeable improvements in HR, quality, production, and engineering. For example, QCE determined a new process for production parts approval process (PPAP) submissions which many customers require to conduct business with a supplier. QCE has “been able to gain new customers, be much more efficient, and reduced the time it takes to complete PPAP’s,” according to Hagmeier. “Employee and training records are easier to maintain and track. Not to mention, organizing our server to save documents in all department areas has saved us time and money.”

Prior to implementing ISO 9001 processes, employees spent a lot of time searching for - or creating - documents to complete a customer’s request. “We have definitely seen an improvement in productivity and customer satisfaction,” states Hagmeier. “99% of documented customer feedback has been very positive and has led to increased business from current customers, and we were able to attract several new customers.”

With new business growth they have been fortunate to hire new employees and have improved their onboarding process, which has led to “better employee retention with high morale as we are more prepared to take on new challenges,” said Hagmeier. “Without a doubt this project has led to improved morale, customer satisfaction and just good organization of our company.”

Created July 29, 2021, Updated July 16, 2022