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Dwell and Decor Continues Improvement with Planned Reduction in Greenhouse Gases


Dwell & Décor Outdoor is one of the leading manufacturers of cushions, pillows, umbrellas, outdoor décor, and accessories in North America. Our products are available at major retailers across North America. Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Dwell & Décor Outdoor is an industry leader in outdoor soft home décor. The company has two U.S. facilities in Selma, AL, and a distribution center in Calera, AL.

The Challenge

Dwell and Decor, formerly Plantation Patterns, like most manufacturers, is a generator of greenhouse gases and thus has an impact on possible climate change. One of Dwell and Decor's major customers is a “big box” retailer who has committed to the Carbon Disclosure Project, an international reporting group that encourages disclosure of the emissions of greenhouse gases, and encourages members to pledge to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases by a specified amount. In this case, the retailer pledged a 30% reduction of greenhouse gases within the next ten years. In order to achieve this pledge, the retailer is insisting that all of its suppliers, including Plantation Patterns, also reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by that amount in that time period.

Approximately 11 years ago, we contacted ATN with a request to help us install ISO 9001. Thanks to the help of an ATN representative (Michael Crews), the program was installed as a success.  The following year, we contacted ATN with a request to help us install ISO 14001. Once again, ATN representatives were on our premises to help with the launch of this system (Les Bales, Alan Hill, and Bruce Perdue). Of course the new standards of 2015 came along within the next few years. ATN sent representatives to help with the upgrade of each program. The bottom line is that we initiated these programs on our own as a means of continuous improvement. But, over the years, one of our largest customers has basically created a quality system that requires all vendors to be ISO registered for 9001:2015 as well as 14001:2015. Both programs are reviewed by this customer through factory assessments. There are minimum scores that must be obtained to remain in good standing as a supplier. Thanks to ATN, we have no problems meeting that minimum score.

— Todd Garrett, Quality Manager

MEP's Role

As part of a multi-phase solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Bruce Perdue of Alabama Technology Network (ATN), part of the MEP National Network™, has performed multiple studies determining the emissions of greenhouse gases at Dwell and Decor, including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, in the current state. At a future time, Dwell and Decor will introduce the second phase - a future state - of reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Dwell and Decor is committed to greenhouse gas reduction as part of their overall continual improvement plan. Should Dwell and Decor fail to comply with the requirements of its primary customer, then the customer would discontinue buying products from Dwell and Decor, resulting in the loss of $20 million in sales and 80 jobs. 
Created July 30, 2021