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DTS Industries: Continuous Improvement


Located in Annville, Kentucky, DTS is a multi-faceted contract manufacturer employed 55 specializing in fabrication and assembly. DTS services include welding, painting, bending, machining, and waterjet and laser cutting. The capacity ranges from large assemblies to small parts.

The Challenge

With a new plant manager and management team, DTS contracted Advantage Kentucky Alliance (AKA), part of the MEP National Network™, to assist with a strategy for the company’s future. The decision was made to increase the practical skills of the team. The new team needed a better understanding of how to create written work instructions, evaluate current processes for continuous improvement, and develop better interactions with other team members.
Advantage Kentucky Alliance provided a hands on approach with material to reintegrate.
— Pamela Garcia Kelley, Quality Manager

MEP's Role

AKA and SKED worked with DTS to structure a plan that included training within industry (TWI). AKA delivered job instruction, job methods and job relations services to the management team. The classroom instruction and shop floor facilitation provided the necessary foundation for management to create standard operating procedures (SOP), run Kaizen days, and coach team members. Eliminating walking and organizing tools and materials in one area will save $3000 in labor and increased capacity to allow for $726,000 annual revenue. Utilizing common line cutting and revising the Turret program will reduce time by 82% for a savings of $16,350 in revenue.

Created October 26, 2021