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Detection and Distancing during COVID-19 / 5S Workplace Organization


Edmund Optics, Inc., is a family-owned business which has maintained the same New Jersey location since it opened over 79 years ago. This ‘MADE in New Jersey’ manufacturer produces a staggering array of optics and optical components. Edmund Optics supports nearly every industry as more and more products include optics in a variety of forms. Serving the automotive, medical device, and aerospace industries, along with many others, this manufacturer is prepared to handle sensitive components and exceptionally high-quality standards. Through a commitment to quality, efficiency, and workforce development, this manufacturing business can overcome nearly any obstacle and provide premium components.    

The Challenge

NJMEP, part of the MEP National Network™, approached Edmund Optics and offered a no-cost business assessment. They sat down with their NJMEP account manager and explored their organization from the ground up.

“We got involved with NJMEP because we were looking for some training that would help us get to that next level,” Jay Budd, director of corporate compliance, explained. ISO training assistance was initially why Edmund Optics wanted to engage with NJMEP. Embarking on an ISO journey alone can be difficult for a small-to-medium-sized manufacturing business. Edmund Optics was working to become ISO 14000 certified and needed a partner to make the project run smoothly and efficiently.  

However, ISO wasn’t their only need. They searched new ways to increase throughput, maintain or improve quality, and eliminate waste. The manufacturer understood lean as a concept but needed the right team to ensure these practices and techniques would be utilized and sustainable.   

I’m impressed by the trainers NJMEP provided and that we can call them at any time if we have a question. Another thing I do love about NJMEP is that they’re a global organization and we have facilities all over the United States. I can reach out to NJMEP for a contact in a specific state and they can connect us with the MEP National Network. NJMEP is like one-stop shopping.

— Jay Budd, Director of Compliance

MEP's Role

To ensure this "MADE in New Jersey" manufacturing business had all the resources and their employees possess all the skills needed to succeed, they partnered with NJMEP for training in several focus areas. The project with Edmund Optics included ISO training, lean manufacturing courses, and more specifically, 6S workplace organization training.   

Thorough ISO training was conducted to help the employees learn about this certification process, what it means to be compliant, and their roles and responsibility for maintaining compliance. Edmund Optics employees were also provided with critical lean manufacturing and 6S workplace organization training. These programs were delivered throughout the year to keep the workforce engaged and continuously improving.


Created January 25, 2022