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Carbondale Manufacturer Grows Online Sales with Streamlined Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy


VMC Chinese Parts produces replacement parts for powersports products. They are located in Carbondale, Illinois, and employ 10 people.

The Challenge

With over 5000 SKUs for replacement parts for Chinese-built powersports products, VMC Chinese parts needed to beef up their search engine optimization (SEO) program to get more prospects to their online catalog. Bryan Black serves as the managing partner at VMC, and he was tasked with executing the company’s marketing strategy, including basic SEO. He needed to free up his time to focus on other initiatives to ensure that VMC emerged from the 2020 disruption in a stronger position than they were before. For help he turned to IMEC, part of the MEP National Network™.
Working with IMEC and StratMarketing Group allowed us to responsibly delegate our SEO strategy and see fantastic results - great partners in an online world.
— Bryan Black, Managing Partner

MEP's Role

IMEC regularly hosts events that offer guidance, best practices, and resources to help Illinois manufacturers address current challenges. Aware of the need to improve their marketing strategy, it was a no-brainer to take up IMEC on the invitation to attend the timely and appropriately titled “Sustained Sales Growth - Do More with Less in an Online World” event.

StratMG, the IMEC third party resource who presented the information, left a strong impression on Black. He saw an opportunity to strengthen VMC’s SEO program and delegate that task to a reputable team. “We all understood what we were doing when it came to SEO, but we needed someone who can do it better,” said Black. He consulted with the IMEC business growth expert, who facilitated the relationship with VMC and StratMG, which marked the start of what would become an ongoing partnership.

The experts at StratMG formulated a plan leveraging SEO techniques to drive qualified leads to VMC’s website, coupled with conversion rate optimization best practices to monetize the qualified traffic on the company website. The results have been phenomenal, including a 44% increase in sales without using external retail platforms like Amazon and Ebay. Black and his team wanted a long-term SEO strategy that would bring residual results – continuous qualified web traffic over time – so they can have consistent growth in online sales. After seeing successful results during one year of a streamlined SEO strategy, VMC decided to ditch the external retail platforms they were previously using and retain StratMG and IMEC. Going forward, VMC will continue leveraging IMEC and StratMG to increase online sales.

Created January 29, 2022