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ATN Steers Marine Joiner Toward New and Retained Sales


Located in Mobile, Alabama, Outfitters International is a marine joiner, HVAC, and insulation company specializing in marine, naval, and offshore space for new construction, repair, and refurbishment. Their facilities consist of a metal fabrication and carpentry shop. They manufacture custom-built furnishings for vessels of all sizes with a variety of material capabilities that must meet class requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard and other regulatory bodies.

The Challenge

Outfitters International and ATN, part of the MEP National Network™, have a well-established relationship that began four years ago. Since Outfitters International is ISO 9001 certified, they needed support for the maintenance of their internal quality management system. Their ISO representative who was with the company when they originally received certification was no longer with the company and a new ISO representative would need to be brought up to speed. Secondly, their yearly management review that is required as part of their certification was approaching, and they needed some coaching. 

Tremendous experience working with the team from ATN. They have helped us put systems in place that will facilitate growth for years to come. ATN has been very professional, knowledgeable, and flexible as they have helped us move forward as a company.
— Matt Stallworth, President

MEP's Role

ATN developed a plan to provide the needed ISO 9001 quality management system assistance and continual improvement training classes. Coaching was provided to the new ISO representative and during the annual quality management system management review.  Additionally, to support the maintenance of their internal quality management system, ATN trained a group of associates to audit ISO 9001:2015. Following Outfitters International’s surveillance audit, ATN was asked to assist with any noted corrective actions. Additional training was conducted in leadership development, project management, and work instructions were established for certain processes through the value stream mapping process. 

Value stream mapping (VSM) was a planning tool to assist Outfitters International to focus on where to apply lean concepts to receive the greatest impact. The VSM process consisted of identifying value stream/product groups in the organization, mapping a current state of material and information flow, assessing the inherent waste, and designing a future state of how the value stream is desired to perform.  For Outfitters International, mapping work orders and standardizing work in the insulation area were the areas of focus. The impact results reported by Outfitters International were tied primarily to their ISO certification. The reported retained sales are the result of sales that could have been lost had their certification not been retained. In addition, through continuous improvement and process standardization, new sales were realized.

Created February 1, 2022