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Assistance with Expanding Export Markets


Lycus Ltd., headquartered in El Dorado, Arkansas, manufactures ultraviolet (UV) light absorbers for use in plastics, coatings, adhesives, polyester films, cosmetic product protection and other personal care applications. Added to a customer's formulation, the company's products preserve and enhance the color, adhesive bond or fragrance of the final product that could otherwise degrade with continued exposure to UV radiation.

The Challenge

Lycus Ltd. wished to expand its export markets but lacked the knowhow to do so without significant unknown risks. For help, Lycus turned to Arkansas Manufacturing Solutions, part of the MEP National Network™.
The services and expertise provided are unmatched!! We deeply appreciate our ongoing relationship.
— John Sinclair, Owner, CEO

MEP's Role

An AEDC Arkansas Manufacturing Solutions team member who specializes in international trade issues invited John Sinclair, CEO of Lycus LTD., to participate in ExporTech export seminars organized and conducted by AMS. ExporTech™ is a national export assistance program helping companies enter or expand in global markets. Jointly offered by the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership and the U.S. Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce, ExporTech™ applies a structured export strategy development process that assists 4-8 companies to accelerate growth. It is the only national program where each company develops a written export plan, that is vetted by a panel of experts upon completion. ExporTech™ efficiently connects companies with a wide range of world-class experts to help navigate the export sales process. The result is that companies rapidly expand global sales and save countless hours of effort.

The knowledge and assistance delivered in the areas of market research, regulatory/compliance issues, international law and contracts, logistics, finance, cultural nuances and other considerations led to Lycus entering new markets which resulted in export sales percentage increases from 13% to over 30% in less then five years.

Created November 5, 2021