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Amasar Overcomes Need to Avoid Waste and Increase Productivity


Amasar LLC was founded on 2016, in Jayuya, Puerto Rico. Built on the owner’s family values of healthy eating and respect for the environment. It is promoted as an ecofriendly agribusiness providing tasty and nutritional products based on breadfruit for those pursuing a healthy living. Their process includes farming, harvesting, processing and packaging. Amasar is sharing the efforts by subcontracting some of the marketing, selling and distributing. Their products include: all-purpose breadfruit mix; breadfruit pancake and waffle mix; and vanilla, cinnamon and sugarless breakfast cream.

The Challenge

As part of the entrepreneurs’ environmental protection efforts the operation currently runs by solar power generation. Irrigation of their breadfruit trees is provided mostly by gravity means. They are in the process of replacing their packaging with one that has no aluminum, are incorporating sensors and digital communication to their process to insure consistent quality at the same time that insures that only the minimum time and temperature is applied in the different operations to avoid waste and increase productivity. Amasar's goal is to diminish their carbon footprint as much as possible. As product mix increases and marketing efforts increase market penetration, the operation's complexity increases. 

We embrace the opportunity to participate in the PRiMEX Exportation Academy, not only for the guidance and knowledge that we are receiving but also because this is an excellent opportunity to learn from and establish alliances with other PYMES from Puerto Rico.
— Marisol Villalobos, CEO Amasar LLC

MEP's Role

PRiMEX, part of the MEP National Network™, had the chance to support Amasar by becoming a service provider with interventions in the facilities distribution design and time standards development; assisting in the development of their food safety plan; and promoting other aspects of food safety compliance. PriMEX also helped develop business continuity plans as well as an advanced technologies roadmap. More recently PriMEX provided guidance in Amasar's plans to export their product. PRiMEX resources are also assisting in the implementation of an ERP software system to manage their business growth and support Amasar’s continuous success.

Created April 30, 2021, Updated July 12, 2021