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XTO Inc. Achieves Success with NIST 800-171 Cyber Security Remediation Assistance


For over thirty years, XTO, Inc. has been a reliable partner for many manufacturers providing quality fabricating and die cutting of gaskets and gasket materials. They are a recognized leader in gasket production, delivering over fifty million parts per year! Their high-quality products ship to 40 states and seventeen countries from their 67,000 square foot production facilities in Liverpool.

They are experts in the field of gaskets and die cutting and are also able to offer engineering design assistance to their customers. They are glad to assist with technical specifications on the properties of their raw materials, as well as offer the benefit of decades of manufacturing expertise.


The Challenge

As XTO, Inc. continues to serve an expansive portfolio of customers, it became more and more important for them to be able to ensure all of their, as well as their customers’ proprietary information is kept protected. As the world of technology continues to evolve, so does the need to maintain secure systems and processes for the safety of your business’ sustainability and growth.

XTO, Inc. completed a NIST 800-171 Gap Assessment to identify areas where improvements were needed. To reach compliance to the standard, they recognized the need to seek out remediation services from an external service provider. At this time, XTO, Inc. reached out to TDO,  part of the New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership and the MEP National Network™, to help explore funding assistance opportunities and to secure a resource to support their Cyber Security remediation needs.

XTO, Inc. was awarded the NY MEP Cyber Security Grant and as a result was able to affordably complete the needed NIST 800-171 remediations. XTO, Inc. now has much greater confidence in the security of their intellectual property and processes which will improve their marketability and enable them to further grow their business.
— Gerard Flynn, CFO

MEP's Role

When TDO received the call from XTO, the first action was to reach out to FuzeHub, the NY MEP Center, to inquire about the NY MEP Cyber Security Grant available to manufactures.  TDO learned that XTO would be an eligible candidate and worked with a Third-Party Cyber Security Service Provider to develop a statement of work that would address the needs of XTO. TDO facilitated the contract with the Third-Party Contract and assisted XTO with the application for the NY MEP Cyber Security Grant.
Created August 4, 2022