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Marketing Consultation Brings New Light To SproutBox


Sprouts 'R' Us, LLC dba SproutBox is a startup company created by the sole member Don DiLillo with the goal of creating a streamlined method of growing sprouts at home. The EasySprout Sprouter product was up-cycled into the SproutBox product along with individually measured out seed packs calibrated to be the perfect amount of seeds to be used with the sprouter. (Think the Kurig cup of sprouting.)

The Challenge

The biggest challenge is getting the product out there and known to the public. In today’s day, the best way to do this is through social media. There is so much to know about social media – it can be overwhelming. A plan was needed in order to know how to create content, market the product and manage the social media platforms. This will also be used to tap into new markets as the company begins to grow.
The MTRC grant is what allowed me to receive the consulting the first place. As a startup company, capital is low (if any) so having access to these grants has allowed me to obtain the knowledge and resources I needed to drive my business forward within the most important marketing space – social media. Thank you.
— Don DiLillo, Owner

MEP's Role

As a manufacturer, Sprouts R Us qualified for a food consulting project grant. MTRC, part of the MEP National Network™, supports food consulting projects through their program partner the Long Island Food Council. Sprouts R Us' needs were assessed and the company was connected with a marketing consultant. Sal Conca worked with Sprouts R Us and the cost of his services was offset by the MTRC grant program. The consulting services included learning how to create competitor reports, performing keyword research, and generate a marketing plan. Without proper research and an actual executable plan in place, it is almost impossible to make anything happen in the world of social media. This was made obvious through the consultations and gave the client a whole new perspective and plan in order to execute a social media strategy.
Created August 7, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021