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Lean Six Sigma Success Story


Rajant, located in Morehead, Kentucky, is a provider of secure, private, wireless networks. The networks are easily integrable with a facility's existing equipment such as satellites, fiber, LTE and fixed wireless networks. Rajant presently employs 24 people and has plans to add 26 more in the coming years.

The Challenge

The Rajant team felt that training in process improvement and error reduction was critical to meet the demands of their customers. The team wanted to be proactive in dealing with any upcoming issues and decided that process improvement training was needed to fill identified skills gaps.
The relationship that we have with this outstanding group of professionals continues to grow. They have assisted our staff members with training that is not only relevant now, but is helping us build a strong cornerstone for our operations for many years to come.
— Dave Keeton, Manufacturing Manager

MEP's Role

AKA, part of the MEP National Network™, partnered with Rajant to assist them through all phases of Lean Six Sigma certification. Rajant employees were introduced to analytical tools and trained on how to properly select and use the tools to identify and correct operational gaps.
Created January 29, 2021, Updated July 12, 2021