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Intimidator, Inc. Utilizes AEDC-MS to Optimize New Warehouse Layout


Intimidator, Inc. consists of six companies headquartered in Batesville, Arkansas. Successful entrepreneurs, Robert and Becky Foster, founded Intimidator in 2013 with the all-American, hardworking values that they were raised with. Intimidator utility vehicles and Spartan mowers are made at our headquarters in Batesville, Arkansas, and sold through an ever-growing network of dealers across the United States.

The Challenge

Intimidator, Inc., wanted to utilize the floor space and racking in their new, state of the art manufacturing facility in the most efficient way possible.

We were on an extremely tight project timeline with our new production facility. The warehouse layout support provided through AEDC-Manufacturing Solutions was invaluable in helping us not only in meeting our project timelines, but doing so in a way that will continue to pay back our investment for many years to come. By creating the layout in software, the AEDC-MS representative allowed our team to collaborate, make changes, and study the results much more quickly and efficiently than would have been possible working with a physical layout.
— James Whitson, Director of Engineering

MEP's Role

AEDC-Manufacturing Solutions, part of the MEP National Network™, was able to access the vast national resource network to locate and commission an expert in warehouse layout optimization. Utilizing state of the art simulation software, the expert and Intimidator's Engineering team developed a layout that would most efficiently meet the needs of the new production facility.
Created October 8, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021