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The Differentiator

With the help of: Enterprise Minnesota


Liberty Clark, Inc, located in Elk River, Minnesota, is a specialty medical device and pad printer for major OEM and OEM suppliers throughout the country. They produce ultra high precision pad printing for a variety of surface types and textures and offer a certified Class-7 medical grade cleanroom for printing on medical device parts. They routinely print on difficult substrates like propylene, silicone, engineering grade plastics, glass, ceramic, painted surfaces, plated, anodized, or powder coated metals.

The Challenge

Medical device manufacturing is an important customer segment of Liberty Clark, Inc. The quality and production standards of companies in this industry are extremely high and there is a low threshold for inaccuracy. For Liberty Clark to remain competitive in this space and grow their business, they needed to gain ISO 9001:2015 certification, which has become almost a standard requirement for the industry. 

The benefit of doing the ISO certification was that we had to document every procedure, so it put employee knowledge down on paper. Now these skills aren't limited to one person and it's helped with cross training. We quickly discovered that this was going to greatly improve our processes. 

We could not have done this effectively without the guidance and support from Enterprise Minnesota. 

— Brian Clark, President

MEP's Role

Liberty Clark, Inc. chose Enterprise Minnesota, part of the MEP National Network™, to lead them through the ISO 9001:2015 certification process. Consultants from Enterprise Minnesota worked with president & owner Brian Clark to document the company's procedures which made the staff's knowledge institutional. In preparing for ISO certification, Liberty Clark was able to document the product flow from start to finish and found many opportunities for cross training and efficiency improvements. The process helped Brian feel like he had "earned" his place as president by improving the culture and processes at Liberty Clark. 
Created July 16, 2020