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Can You Play on Two Teams?

With the help of: Enterprise Minnesota


Rotation Engineering & Manufacturing is a mid-tolerance metal stamping company located in Brooklyn Park, MN. As a sophisticated and diverse shop with 35 employees, Rotation Engineering distinguishes itself by delivering quality products at a competitive price within a framework of integrity, superior service and advanced technology. Founded in 1973, it has grown from a 2,500 sq. ft. facility to its current 38,000 sq. ft. facility. Rotation Engineering's current fleet of equipment includes a variety of punch presses ranging from 45-ton to 400-ton, press brakes, laser cutters, wire EDM machines, mills, tumblers, hydraulic shears and more. 

The Challenge

Rotation Engineering held ISO 9001:2008 certification when Craig Komschlies purchased the company in 2010. As he looked at upgrading to the 2015 standard, the new version of the system was far more oriented to company management, but he felt it didn't go far enough. He believed in ISO, but discovered EOS and wanted to find a way to integrate ISO 9001:2015 and EOS traction. Craig and the management team knew they wouldn't be able to make the two systems function together on their own, so they contacted Enterprise Minnesota, part of the MEP National Network™. 

We now have one direction. We don't have two separate systems. They're all incorporated into one system, and it's seamless. With the help of Enterprise Minnesota, we were able to create an operating system that fused the best aspects of EOS, ISO and lean. This is something we had no clue in how to accomplish by ourselves.

— Craig Komschlies, President

MEP's Role

Enterprise Minnesota consultant Keith Gadacz laid out for the Rotation Engineering team an action plan identifying 15 issues that needed attention as Rotation prepared for its next ISO audit. The Rotation management team worked to synthesize an array of key performance indicators as they "zippered" the two systems together. After an eight-month investment, Rotation now has a complete business management toolset developed for their unique business that blends ISO, EOS and lean principles.
Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 8, 2020