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Arizona MEP and E3 Displays Build Foundation to Achieve Long-Term Growth


E3 Displays designs and manufactures custom integrated LCD display solutions for commercial, military, industrial, medical, and avionics applications. When the company began in 2007, E3’s founder and CEO, Chuck Rahrig, recognized the opportunity to provide design and manufacturing services with customization capabilities. Today, the company works with clients globally to ensure its custom display solutions exceed optical and all other performance requirements. In 2020, the company experienced 20-fold growth in ventilator display demand.

The Challenge

E3 has steadily grown over the past decade to 50 employees worldwide. To facilitate future growth and maintain a high-quality service, Rahrig recognized the need to evaluate E3’s organizational structure, manufacturing processes, and personnel. He contacted Arizona MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, to discuss a few of the constraints he suspected might hold the company back from its growth goal. 
AZ MEP is a tremendous resource on so many fronts, way beyond what I first imagined. They have experts in about every area that can help a manufacturing company, from simple things such as a RACI chart, developing job descriptions and roles to its senior consultants, who are experienced in sales, marketing, and engineering, along with what I’ll call ‘down and dirty’ experts who have spent time in a factory and can help solve production flow problems and implement lean manufacturing.
— Chuck Rahrig, Founder and CEO

MEP's Role

AZ MEP senior client advisor Greg Bischak worked with Rahrig to develop and implement a one-year plan that included an organizational assessment as well as increasing production output and developing the staff skills needed to support E3’s growth initiatives. As part of the plan to increase production output, AZ MEP manufacturing operation experts worked with E3 to map and implement new lean manufacturing processes and complete value stream mapping. Using AZ MEP’s connection with a local staffing service and expertise in developing job descriptions, E3 successfully recruited a top-quality candidate for vice president of global operations. Over a six-month period the new VP, utilizing the implementation of lean manufacturing, doubled production output, leading to the addition of a second shift.

AZ MEP conducted an organizational assessment to evaluate the structure, personnel, and processes as well as the current job functions and descriptions in the finance, engineering, and sales departments to help improve efficiency. AZ MEP’s human resources expert also conducted DISC assessments for each of the operations candidates. DISC profiles gave the company another valuable tool it could use to help evaluate the candidate for fit with the company’s culture and team.

This foundational work between E3 and AZ MEP enables the company to grow confidently. AZ MEP and E3 have started to develop a framework for a 3 to 5 year strategic plan that identifies additional opportunities for growth and the resources and capabilities that will be required.

Created February 4, 2021, Updated July 12, 2021