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AIM helps Electro-Metrics with Cybersecurity Compliance


Electro-Metrics Corporation is a leading designer, producer and integrator of antennas, sensors and systems for broadband RF communications and testing. The machine shop and fabrication division manufactures precision machined products and provides contract manufacturing services. The Electro-Metrics manufacturing facilities support both of our RF and Precision Fabrication divisions. Our capability to in house manufacture and fully test our products allows us to meet quality expectations and provide rapid response to urgent needs.

The Challenge

Electro Metrics was in need of cybersecurity assistance in order to meet NIST 800-171 guidelines required by their customers in the Department of Defense supply chain. Electro Metrics did not have the resources to gather the information required to meet these guidelines within their offices, so they reached out to AIM, part of the New York MEP and the MEP National Network™, for assistance. 
Becoming NIST 800-171 was a very detailed but necessary process in today’s ever changing technological world and the increase of cyber attacks. We have now been able to prove to department of defense agencies that we can meet and maintain the requirements to protect our network and data and provide us with increased opportunities for contracts. Working with Paul LaPorte and AIM was a very smooth process and their knowledge of NIST 800-171 specifications made obtaining our certification that much more easier. 
— Margaret Pace, Information Technology Director

MEP's Role

AIM provided Electro Metrics with consulting and assessment services via their cybersecurity coordinator Paul LaPorte. Paul conducted an assessment according to the NIST 800-171 guidelines and provided a full report outlining what needed to be done to meet the requirements. Additionally, AIM also facilitated the purchase of a new server for the company that would be compliant with these guidelines. Funding assistance was provided for both of these projects, which AIM facilitated as well.
Created April 5, 2022