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3D Printing Allows Company to Overcome Changes in Regulation to Avoid Production Problems


St. James Lighting is a manufacturer of hand-crafted copper lighting solutions. They offer electrical and gas lighting solutions in a wide range of sizes and designs. They are located in Columbia, Mississippi, and have 35 employees on site. 

The Challenge

Changes made to the ANSI-Z21.42a-2004 Illuminating Appliance Standard put St. James Lighting at risk of being unable to sell products to their Canadian customers. 
The printed caps solved a major problem we faced.  The ability to create the caps at both the volume and price point allowed us to solve an issue and go on to other business.
— Jim Ragan, President

MEP's Role

After initial discussions and brainstorming possible solutions, the MMA-MEP Center at Mississippi Polymer Institute (MPI), part of the MEP National Network™, designed a modular add-on product using CAD software and printed several prototypes for St. James Lighting. Once a suitable design was accepted, St. James Lighting submitted the product for the new ANSI standard compliance.  
Created October 28, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021