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University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services (UT CIS)

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UT CIS helps companies and communities succeed, grow and create high quality jobs by providing consulting, training and connecting services across the state. Whether you want to improve productivity on the plant floor, comply with safety or environmental regulations, navigate the federal procurement process, introduce a new product, or improve your economic development potential, CIS has the expertise to help you succeed.

In addition to having a skilled and experienced staff who can help you define and solve your most pressing problems, CIS can connect you with the knowledge and expertise of Tennessee universities, federal laboratory scientists, state government partners, the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership, the US Economic Development Association, the Southeastern OSHA Training Education Institute or Procurement Technical Assistance Center, and other industry professionals.  CIS has staff of professional employees located in 6 offices across the state of Tennessee. Tennessee business and industry are assisted daily by CIS engineering and professional staff in improving their economic competitiveness on a national and global level.  

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Success Stories

Value Stream Mapping and 5S Help Delay a Plant Expansion/Location Expenses

Reported Year
Safe-T-Cover contacted the Tennessee Manufacturing Extension Partnership (TMEP), part of the MEP National Network™, for assistance in helping them better understand their production processes. Safe-T-Cover specifically wanted to focus on an analysis of production flow and time studies to assist in the determination of labor costs. The company was

Six Sigma Green and Black Belt Training Continues to Drive Improvement

Reported Year
A long-term TMEP customer, Mohawk Industries started their continuous improvement journey over ten years ago. As the company continued to grow, they recognized that optimizing production for new products would take time while also requiring flexibility and agility and were committed to providing employees the tools necessary to identify quality

Industrial Hygiene Assessment Leads to Cost Avoidance and Positive Workplace Culture

Reported Year
Republic’s primary production processes create waste products such as noise exposure, welding particulates, dust, metals, silica-quartz, and wastewater treatment hazards. As a pioneer in protecting people where they live and work and with a commitment to environmental responsibility, Republic requested assistance with an Industrial Hygiene
Created March 18, 2019, Updated January 26, 2022