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From offices in Boise, Post Falls and Pocatello, TechHelp Manufacturing Specialists help Idaho manufacturers, food processors and inventors/entrepreneurs improve their competitiveness through continuous product and process innovation. Our services fall into three primary areas of practice that include:

  • New Product and Market Development
  • Operational Excellence
  • Food & Dairy Processing 

 The words EXTENSION and PARTNERSHIP capture the spirit of what we do:

  • We extend our people, services, resources, knowledge and expertise to help Idaho manufacturers, processors and inventors improve competitiveness and profitability
  • We can be an extension of your company and of your staff. Call us when you need us
  • TechHelp gives you access to a deep pool of local and national resources through our university, private sector and national MEP partners
  • TechHelp Manufacturing Specialists are available statewide thanks to our university partners

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Success Stories

Accelerating Production with Additive Manufacturing

Reported Year
Seat Concepts' ownership aimed to explore the potential of integrating industrial 3D printing technology into their production process. The primary focus was on automating the creation of seat molds and developing a streamlined method for scanning existing foams or molds to accelerate the replication process. Ownership reached out to the

At Ballard Cheese, The Only Thing Better Than Cheese is More Cheese

Reported Year
Exiting the milk business allowed the Ballards to refresh their brand as they pivoted from Ballard Family Dairy and Cheese to Ballard Cheese. The company’s Yahoo Store, built in 2004 on one of the web’s first e-commerce platforms, needed a major overhaul and Ballard brand elements, including logos, imagery, videos, fonts, wording, and colors

Idaho-Shaped Axe Makes the Cut

Reported Year
Maria Lopez, CEO of Idaho’s Iron Pine LLC, has an eye for detail and design. She noticed that the state of Idaho was shaped like an axe, thin at the top and broad at the bottom. The shape stuck with Maria because an axe in the shape of Idaho looked like a branding bull’s eye. Maria needed help with design, prototyping, market research, brand
Created March 18, 2019, Updated February 16, 2024