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Beamline 5: New electron beam imaging system

Beamline 5 mirror mount

Plane copper mirror and copper mirror mount before they were installed on beamline 5.

Beamline 5 of the Synchrotron Ultraviolet Radiation Facility is a diagnostics end-station used to determine the transverse size of the stored electron beam. Similar to beamline 10, the electron beam is imaged onto a CCD camera and the size is determined by a computerized image acquisition system. Because of problems with the beam imaging system on beamline 10, e.g. the size measurements depend on the stored electron beam current, this new system was developed. Now the synchrotron radiation does not expose the exit window directly, because the light is deflected 90° using a plane copper mirror. Copper is used to absorb as much short wavelength radiation as possible in order to limit the power deposited in the vacuum window.

control Software Screenshot
Created March 25, 2015, Updated November 15, 2019