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High-Speed Electronics

This project supports the microwave, telecommunications, computing, and emerging nanoelectronics industries through research and development of high-frequency

Identity Management

Organizations can optimize network performance and provide the capability to control access to vital services and information based on a user’s identity, role

Impact of LTE Signals on GPS Receivers

The National Advanced Spectrum and Communications Test Network (NASCTN) has completed the Impacts of LTE Signals on GPS Receivers project and has released the

Inter-Network Mobility Management

Public safety works across a diverse geographic environment. Even with a high availability of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) radio access network (RAN) provided

LMR and LTE Interfacing

LMR is ever-present and determining the integration of LTE technology is vital for interoperable public safety operations. The PSCR program, on behalf of DHS

Local Control

The ability for public safety personnel to have access to local control of users on the network during an emergency is vital to operations. The Public Safety

Mobile Application and Data Isolation

The nationwide public safety broadband network will enable first responders to use modern mobile devices for interoperable public safety operations. While this

NextG Channel Measurement and Modeling

The exponential increase in wireless data transmission from smartphones has led to the saturation of the sub-6 GHz bands forcing providers to explore the use of

Public Safety Audio Quality

In public safety operations, the ability to call for help and to warn others is essential. However, background noise encountered in these operations can make

Public Safety Broadband Cybersecurity

A nationwide public safety broadband network will provide public safety with the capability for securing and controlling access to the network, applications

Public Safety Communications Program

CTL advances public safety communication technology by researching, developing, and accelerating the adoption and implementation of critical communications

Public Safety Communications Research

The primary objective of the Public Safety Communications Research program is to lead the development of wireless telecommunications and information technology

Public Safety Image Quality

With the proliferation of the Internet and mobile devices, cameras are everywhere. Countless practitioners take photos daily and receive photos from the public

Roadmapping R&D

The Public Safety community is in a period of great technological transition. As their communications technology migrates from disparate Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

Smart Grid Communications

While there is a clear need for communication networks supporting reliable information transfer between the various entities in the electric grid, there are