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QA/CM Test Assertions for VVSG 1.1, September, 2016

VVSG 1.1 Volume 1, Section 8, contains requirements for QA/CM, as does Volume 2, Section 2.1. NIST has completed a set of test assertions for the QA/CM requirements of VVSG 1.1.

Test assertions are measurable expressions that must be tested in order to evaluate conformance of an implementation (in this case a voting system) to a requirement. The goal of creating these test assertions is to make clear, to testing laboratories and manufacturers of voting systems, exactly what conditions of each requirement in the VVSG need to be tested in order to be certified by the Election Assistance Commission (EAC). Different testing laboratories, using this set of test assertions, should arrive at the same pass/fail results for each requirement in the VVSG, thus helping to ensure uniformity in testing among testing laboratories. These test assertions were developed by NIST and distributed to EAC and testing laboratories for their comments. This version of the test assertions has incorporated all applicable laboratory and EAC comments.

Please submit your comments to vvsg-test-assertions [at] (vvsg-test-assertions[at]nist[dot]gov) .  We will examine, and incorporate, all relevant comments, and post the final version at that time.

A complete version of the VVSG 1.1 can be found at

Test Assertions for VVSG 1.1 subsections:

Volume 1:

8.1    | tabular format | text format | MS Word download  

8.2    | tabular format | text format | MS Word download  

Volume 2:

2.1    | tabular format | text format | MS Word download 



Created September 21, 2016, Updated November 15, 2019