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EAC Funded Research

Election Assistance Commission (EAC) Funded Research

The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF)The goal of ITIF's Accessible Voting Technology Initiative is to discover new solutions that will make the entire voting process – from registering to vote to casting a ballot – accessible for every citizen. ITIF has several consortium partners researching election technologies and participation, working directly with people with disabilities and advocacy organizations. ITIF has also funded projects and hosted events to explore concepts with significant potential to improve the accessibility of elections.

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The Research Alliance for Accessible Voting (RAAV)The RAAV consists of ten organizational partners who look at all aspects of accessible voting. The partners work on advancing technologies and approaches that address a variety of barriers to voting. Additionally, the goal of the RAAV site is to serve as a national resource on the project and general accessible voting information.

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Created May 6, 2013, Updated February 13, 2023