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Voting System Testing Labs That Have Applied to NVLAP

Voting System Testing Laboratories That Have Applied to NVLAP

Laboratory Name Date of Application to NVLAP Date of NIST Recommendation to EAC

SysTest Labs L.L.C.,
Denver, CO

August 25, 2005 January 18, 2007
iBeta Quality Assurance, L.L.C.,
Aurora, CO
February 14, 2006 January 18, 2007
InfoGard Laboratories, Inc.,
San Luis Obispo, CA
August 18, 2005 May 11, 2007
Wyle Laboratories,
Huntsville, AL
August 10, 2006 September 14, 2007
Ciber Labs,
Huntsville, AL
September 14, 2006 June 12, 2008

Created March 23, 2010, Updated August 25, 2016