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Standards Acceleration to Jumpstart Adoption of Cloud Computing (SAJACC)

The goal of the SAJACC initiative is to drive the formation of high-quality cloud computing standards by providing worked examples showing how key use cases can be supported on cloud systems that implement a set of documented and public cloud system specifications.  

The SAJACC initiative will develop and maintain a set of cloud system use cases through an open and ongoing process engaging industry, other Government agencies, and academia.  Simultaneously, the SAJACC initiative will collect and generate cloud system specifications through a similarly open and ongoing process.  

The SAJACC initiative will develop tests that show the extent to which specific use cases can be supported by cloud systems that implement documented and public cloud system specifications, and will publish test results on the SAJACC web portal (this web site). 

The SAJACC web portal will provide pointers to known cloud system implementations, use case documents, upcoming events, and will also provide a convenient means to provide feedback to the SAJACC team. These resources will serve to both accelerate the development of high- quality cloud computing standards and reduce technical uncertainty during the interim adoption period before many cloud computing standards are formalized.

Created October 1, 2010, Updated March 23, 2018