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NSRL Technical Papers

  •  Data Formats of the NSRL Reference Data Set (RDS) Distribution (2009/07/07) - PDF
  • Draft of "Unique File Identification in the NSRL" by Steve Mead. (2006/05/17) - PDF
  • DRAFT SQL Descriptions of PROPOSED Database Tables for Fall 2004 (2004/08/20) - Text
  • SQL Descriptions of Database Tables and Views (2002/12/30) - Text
  • DRAFT Data Formats of the NSRL RDS Distribution (2001/11/26) - PDF
  • DRAFT Data Formats of the NSRL RDS Distribution (2001/10/30) - PDF
  • NSRL Project Sheet (2001/01/08) - PDF
  • White paper on Hash Algorithms Selection (2000/06/30) - PDF
  • Hashing algorithms and tests (zip) (2000/06/12) - ZIP
  • NSRL Data Dictionary (2000/05/25) - PDF
  • ITL Bulletin, November 2001 - PDF
  • Creating Hashkeeper Hash Sets Manually by Sharren Redmond- PDF



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