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Curated Kaspersky Hash Set - 2017

NIST has made available a curated release of National Software Reference Library (NSRL) Reference Data Set (RDS) metadata and file hashes in response to the DHS directive on Kaspersky applications. The data set includes the products listed in the directive plus additional Kaspersky products from the NSRL collection. System administrators and IT personnel tasked with addressing the directive may use this RDS release with third party administrative tools to discover the presence of potential Kaspersky installations.

The most recent release may always be found at (11MB ISO file).

NIST has also made available a supplementary set of Kaspersky software signature data derived from the NSRL's Diskprint methodology.  It is available in the RDS, SWID, and DFXML formats.  The most recent release of this may always be found at (4MB Zip file).

A description of the version, contents, digital signatures, and derivation methods may be separately found at

Please contact nsrl [at] (nsrl[at]nist[dot]gov) with questions about the data set.

Created September 6, 2017, Updated October 24, 2017