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NISTIR 7770 Security Considerations for Remote Electronic UOCAVA Voting

NISTIR 7770: Security Considerations for Remote Electronic UOCAVA Voting

NIST is pleased to announce the publication of NIST Interagency Report (NISTIR) 7770- Security Considerations for Remote Electronic UOCAVA Voting (word doc). This Interagency Report identifies desirable security properties of remote electronic voting systems, potential benefits and threats to these systems, and current and emerging technical approaches for mitigating risks. This report is intended for election officials, technologists, advocacy groups, UOCAVA voting system vendors, and other members of the elections community that will be working with the EAC, NIST, and FVAP on improving the UOCAVA voting process with the use of electronic technologies. While this report assumes familiarity of the UOCAVA voting process and a high-level understanding of information system security technologies, it is intended to be accessible to a wide audience.
Created February 23, 2011, Updated August 25, 2016