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New Protocol Enables Wireless and Secure Biometric Acquisition with Web Services Video Transcript

for Biometrics Web Services Video

VISUAL: Fade up from black to a graphic of a fingerprint scanner. Title of program appears as "No Strings Attached: NIST Protocol Helps Communicate Biometrics from Anywhere." Dissolve to Matt Aronoff, computer scientist, in front of computer monitor with image of a fingerprint on it.

Matt Aronoff, NIST Computer Scientist: "We are the NIST Biometric Web Services project and we came up with a protocol that lets anything that knows how to communicate with the Web ... so, phones, tablets, laptops, whatever ... talk to any kind of biometric sensor ..."

VISUAL: As Aronoff mentions the three biometric sensors, an image of each appears next to him.

Aronoff: " ... fingerprint scanners ... iris scanners ... cameras for facial recognition ...

anything that knows how to capture data about a person."

VISUAL: An entire iPad tablet is seen with three biometric data capture sections at the top of the screen. Aronoff uses the finger to move the sections across the page and then, in closeup, we see his finger point to each section as he mentions it.

Aronoff: "So, what this app allows us to do is to capture a series of biometrics in a particular order. So, what we have here is a left handprint, a right handprint ... and a face image."

VISUAL: Woman is seen sitting at table with fingerprint scanner on it. She places her left hand on the scanner. Then, the iPad screen is seen as the fingerprints appear in the first data capture section.

Aronoff: "So, we're first going to capture the left print ..."

Comes right back to the device once the print is captured at the sensor.

VISUAL: Aronoff's finger moves the right fingerprint data capture section on the iPad screen to the center of the screen, and then touches the section. In closeup, the woman places her right hand on the fingerprint scanner. This is followed by a return to the iPad screen where the fingerprints appear.

Aronoff: "Then, we're going to take the right print ... "

VISUAL: Web camera is seen in closeup. This cuts to the woman seated in front of the camera as it takes her picture. Then, the iPad screen is seen as the photo appears. Finally, Aronoff's finger is seen moving the data capture sections back and forth across the iPad screen.

Aronoff: "Finally, we're going to take the face image ...

And you can see here from an operator's perspective, they don't have to learn anything new to control a new kind of biometric sensor. They all work exactly the same."

VISUAL: Aronoff on camera as before in front of the computer monitor with a fingerprint image on it. As he discusses the connection between devices and machines, images of the fingerprint scanner, the Web camera and the iPad are seen.

Aronoff: "The reason that it's important to have a standardized communication like Web Services for Biometric Devices is that it allows communication between the devices and the machines that are trying to get information from them ..."

VISUAL: Aronoff on camera as before.

Aronoff: "in a way that doesn't require drivers ... that doesn't require any sort of proprietary knowledge about the scanner before it's plugged in ... and can be done in a location-independent way, because we're also supporting wireless communication."

VISUAL: Dissolve to credits (five pages). Text on screens read as follows:

Still images and graphics used with permission by:
Fingerprint Scanner and Prints: Kelly Talbott, NIST
Fingerprint in Red: NIST
Iris: Matthew Goldthwaite
Facial Recognition: NIST

NIST Video Production Staff
Producer: Evelyn Brown
Producer: Michael E. Newman
Videographer/Editor: Sabrina Xaviar

NIST Information Technology Laboratory Staff
Who Assisted in the Production of this Video
Matt Aronoff
Kevin Mangold
Ross Micheals
Karen Marshall
Kayee Kwong

The display of products and services in this program is for demonstration purposes only and does not imply an endorsement by NIST.

Produced by
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Public Affairs Office
April 2012

VISUAL: Fade to black.

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Created May 2, 2012, Updated January 3, 2017