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ITL Speakers Bureau: Thomas Gerrits



As quantum network technology is in the research and development phase, it is essential that robust quantum metrology protocols and procedures based on entanglement distribution be established. To enable that, it will be necessary to develop tools, metrics and measurement methods to characterize quantum network components, both individually and in their interactions with classical and quantum networks. We present our efforts towards metrology of quantum networks and review metrology tools that are already available for quantum component and network characterization.

Keywords: single-photon sources; single-photon detectors; quantum information; Schrödinger Cat States; optical quantum metrology 


Thomas Gerrits Speakers Bureau

Thomas Gerrits is a Physicist in the Applied and Computational Mathematics Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Since 2006 he has been working on the applications of high-efficiency superconducting single photon detectors for quantum optics and quantum information. More recently he has been developing widgets, methods and protocols for the characterization of future quantum network components. His research interests include the generation of exotic quantum states of light, optical quantum metrology, development of measurement tools for quantum and classical optics, single photon imaging, and quantum radiometry.


Created March 7, 2022, Updated June 12, 2023