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ITL measurement science and engineering grant program

ITL Measurement Science and Engineering (MSE) Grant Program

For MSE Grants, ITL provides financial assistance to support research in the broad areas of advanced network technologies, big data, cloud computing, computer forensics, information access, information processing and understanding, cybersecurity, health information technology, human factors and usability, mathematical and computations sciences, mathematical foundations of measurement science for information systems, a metrology infrastructure for modeling and simulation, Smart Grid, software testing, and statistics for metrology. See details of the MSE Grant Program.

Specific objectives of interest in these areas of research include:

  • Quantum Information Theory;
  • Computational Materials Science;
  • Computational Biology;
  • Systems Biology;
  • Image Analysis;
  • Semantics;
  • Medical Device Interoperability;
  • Software Assurance for Small Applications and Devices;
  • Data Analytics;
  • Search and Retrieval Algorithms;
  • Biometrics;
  • Human Language Technology;
  • Voting Systems Standards;
  • Grid Computing;
  • Service Oriented Architecture;
  • Post Quantum Public Key Cryptography;
  • Secure Distributed Computation;
  • Very Efficient Cryptography;
  • Leakage Resistant Computation for Cloud Computing;
  • Homomorphic Encryption;
  • Mobile Platform and Application Security;
  • Trusted Ad Hoc Networks;
  • Device Identity and Authentication;
  • Data Storage, Preservation, Query, Indexing and Access Technology;
  • Secure Communications for Cloud;
  • Identity Management Support for Clouds;
  • Device Mobility among Heterogeneous Networks.

Financial support may be provided for conferences, workshops, or other technical research meetings that are relevant to the mission of ITL.

Created May 22, 2013, Updated August 25, 2016