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Identity Management Systems Program

This page is not currently being maintained and is for archival information only.

Please see our most recent work at our Biometrics project page.

Electronic identities are routinely used to access logical and physical resources, and have become a ubiquitous part of our national infrastructure.

Identity management systems are responsible for the creation, use, and termination of electronic identities. However, Identity Management as a formal discipline is a fairly new concept. 

In conjunction with other federal agencies, academia, and industry partners, the NIST Identity Management Systems Program is pursuing the development of common models and metrics for identity management, critical standards, and interoperability of electronic identities. These efforts will improve the quality, usability, and consistency of identity management systems, protect privacy, and assure that U.S. interests are represented in the international arena.


Face & Iris Testing
Fingerprint Technology Testing for Identity Management
Identity Credential Interoperability
IDMS Research & Development
IDMS Standards Activities
Multimodal Biometrics
Research for Next Generation Biometric Measurements & Standards (NGBMS) for Identity Management
Usability of Biometric Systemsbr />  

Former project lead: Elaine Newton

Created March 4, 2009, Updated January 28, 2022