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Past Projects

Health IT

The NIST health IT usability initiative focused on establishing a frame work that defines and assesses health IT usability. The goal of the research effort, being conducted in collaboration with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), is to create a detailed specification of an objective, repeatable procedure for measuring and evaluating the usability of health IT systems. For more information see Health IT Usability


Developed evaluation methodologies and tools that enabled user-centric testing and benchmarking of information management systems.


The project was initiated to promote the investigation and development of ways to evaluate and benchmark methodologies for assessing the usability of websites. For more information.

Cloud Usability Framework  

The goal of this work was to provide a framework that encompasses multiple characteristics for the evaluation of the cloud user experiences. Powerpoint Presentation on the Framework.


Framework for Cloud Usability
December 22, 2015
Author(s); Brian C. Stanton, Mary F. Theofanos, Karun P. Joshi

Framework for Cloud Usability
August 2, 2015
Author(s): Brian C. Stanton, Mary F. Theofanos, Karun P. Joshi

Safety of Building Occupants Project Task 2 

This is a collaboration with the Engineering Lab.  Data related to human behavior during fires is being collected, via survey and interviews, and analyzed to determine how mobility impaired individuals evacuate multi-story buildings during emergencies and the role their personal risk perception plays in their decisions/actions such as their concerns about using elevators during these evacuations.  Data is also being gathered via focus groups with emergency responders and people with disabilities on evacuation procedures for their elevator usage. The goal is  guidance for designers and building managers about the concerns of individuals with mobility impairments and how to improve elevator design and usage during emergencies.  For more information.

Created December 16, 2009, Updated May 3, 2021